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Adjudicators, or members of the Tribunal, hear and decide OPSDT cases. They may be:

  • physician members of the CPSO Council,
  • public members of CPSO Council appointed by the Lieutenant Governor, or
  • non-council physicians and experienced adjudicators appointed by CPSO Council.

CPSO Council is the board of directors of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario.

The OPSDT Chair assigns panels of members to decide Tribunal cases. Please see the Guide to the Tribunal Process for more information about hearing panels.

Current OPSDT adjudicators

Dr. Ida Ackerman
Mr. Raj Anand
Dr. Heather-Ann Badalato
Dr. Glen Bandiera
Ms. Lucy Becker
Dr. Philip Berger
Mr. Jose Cordeiro
Dr. Michael Franklyn
Mr. Pierre Giroux
Ms. Julia Goyal
Dr. Catherine Grenier
Dr. Kristen Hallett
Dr. Deborah Hellyer
Dr. Paul Hendry
Dr. Stephen Hucker
Dr. Allan Kaplan
Ms. Shayne Kert
Dr. Roy Kirkpatrick
Ms. Sherry Liang
Mr. Paul Malette
Ms. Sophie Martel
Dr. Veronica Mohr
Dr. Joanne Nicholson
Dr. Rupa Patel
Mr. Rob Payne
Mr. Peter Pielsticker
Dr. Peeter Poldre
Dr. Ian Preyra
Dr. John Rapin
Ms. Linda Robbins
Dr. Deborah Robertson
Ms. Jennifer Scott
Dr. James Watters, OPSDT Vice Chair
Ms. Shannon Weber
Mr. David Wright, OPSDT Chair
Dr. Susanna Yanivker