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Practice Advisory Group

The Practice Advisory Group (PAG) provides feedback to the OPSDT Chair about Tribunal policies and processes. Read the PAG’s Terms of Reference below.


Individuals who regularly represent physicians before the Tribunal:

  • Carolyn Brandow, Lerners LLP
  • Marie Henein, Henein Hutchison LLP
  • Jaan Lilles, Lenczner Slaght LLP
  • Andrew Matheson, McCarthy T├ętrault LLP
  • Andrew W. McKenna, Gowling WLG International Limited
  • Robert Sheahan, Gowling WLG International Limited

Individuals who regularly represent the CPSO before the Tribunal:

  • Carolyn Silver, Legal Office, CPSO
  • Elisabeth Widner, Legal Office, CPSO

Individuals from the OPSDT

  • David A. Wright, Chair, OPSDT
  • Dionne Woodward, Tribunal Counsel, OPSDT

Terms of Reference

  1. The mandate of the OPSDT Practice Advisory Group (PAG) is to function as a forum for the Tribunal to consult with and obtain feedback from those who practise before it regarding its processes, practices, Rules of Procedure and practice directions.
  2. The PAG’s focus is on the effectiveness of the Tribunal’s process. The PAG is not a forum for the discussion of the merits of individual cases, issues of substantive law, jurisprudence or CPSO processes other than those of the Tribunal.
  3. The PAG shall be composed of the following members:
    1. The OPSDT Chair.
    2. Five individuals who regularly represent physicians through the Canadian Medical Protective Association (CMPA): one from each of CMPA General Counsel, Gowlings (Provincial Counsel), Lenczner Slaght, Lerners and McCarthy Tetrault, selected by each respective firm.
    3. One individual who regularly represents physicians, selected by the OPSDT Chair.
    4. Up to five individuals who regularly represent the CPSO, selected by the CPSO Chief Legal Officer.
  4. An alternate member may be designated to attend in place of any member who is unavailable.
  5. The PAG will meet at least three times per year.
  6. The agenda for each meeting will be set by the OPSDT Chair, after soliciting proposed agenda items from PAG members.
  7. In order that the PAG may function in an atmosphere that encourages candour, members will maintain reasonable discretion and confidentiality with respect to PAG discussions.
  8. No minutes or votes will be taken at PAG meetings.