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Proceedings before the Tribunal

Below is a list of all proceedings currently before the Tribunal. To see a list of completed proceedings, you may filter the table by selecting “Inactive” in the Status field and clicking on “Apply Filter”. You may also filter the table by registrant's name, Tribunal file number, type of allegations, proceeding type, year the proceeding commenced or the stage of the proceeding.

The links on the right-hand side will take you to the Tribunal’s reasons on the CanLII website and the CPSO’s public register entry for the registrant.

All hearings are public unless the Tribunal orders otherwise. If you want to observe a hearing, please submit a request here. Recent Tribunal decisions are also on the Outcomes page.

The Tribunal’s Glossary has definitions of commonly used terms and the different “Proceeding Types" are described in the Guide to the Tribunal Process.

You may click on the file number or “More information about this proceeding on OPSDT website” for each proceeding to see more details about the proceeding including outcomes and hearing dates.